ExpenSys launches new Website

London: 18th March 2013

ExpenSys introduces Travel Booking and new Mobile Apps

ExpenSys, the UK SaaS expense management supplier has launched its new website. This is the first stage in a new marketing campaign in which the company will promote a series of new initiatives linking travel booking and corporate card reconciliation with its already well regarded tax efficient expense management application. The website also introduces the new mobile application suite covering receipt and expense capture together with mobile approval.

World-wide Tax and VAT Compliance

The company has for a long time been the front runner in fully automated tax compliance, boasting a significant number of household names amongst its customers. Now this is taken to an entirely new level with the application of local tax rules virtually world wide. This will enable ExpenSys customers to be fully tax compliant wherever in the world they operate. A unique feature is the breadth of that compliance, covering as it does expense related employee and corporation tax as well as VAT.

International Indemnity

The way the system handles VAT recovery particularly is another first. The latest version of ExpenSys will enable clients to identify and maximise VAT recovery, locally and cross border virtually anywhere in the world. It does this without the need for third parties to manually audit receipts, and should there be any doubt about its effectiveness, the company is intending to back this with an international indemnity against expense related tax penalties.

Further details will be released shortly, but it is already clear that ExpenSys is about to take international expense management to an entirely new level.