Access, Integration and Support


ExpenSys is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and is available via all major browsers, on PCs, Macs, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones. The system may also be hosted internally.


Whether you are an SME or a Global Enterprise you will have the full attention of an Implementation Manager to oversee your project from initial fact gathering through to live deployment.

Large organisations within a single territory are normally deployed within 30 working days, and smaller enterprises may be accomplished sooner.


ExpenSys integrates with virtually all ERP and payroll systems. A wide range of integration options and formats are supported, from simple CSV uploads for smaller companies, to scheduled two-way integration via secure FTP or Web Service for global organisations.


Administrators are centrally assigned, and a tabbed interface allows users access only to those parts of the system for which they are authorised. Claimants may see only their own claims, or those they are required to authorise. Extensive password options are available and there is full audit trail for all claims and administrative documents.


Notifications and requests for approval move smoothly through the workflow via email, delivering simple and straightforward electronic communication across the enterprise.


Users will be familiar with the web browser interface, and will find the application very easy to use. Context sensitive help is available on every page with layman’s language being used throughout.

Training is required for Administrators and Finance staff and is delivered as part of the implementation process. Although available if requested, training is not normally required for claimants or approvers.


ExpenSys will provide unlimited telephone, on-line or on-site support, as appropriate, from the date of implementation, subject to the terms of the Licence Agreement. This agreement also covers free updates and patches electronically delivered, details of which can be supplied.

Support - Expense Management Software ‘Standard Support’ is available during normal working hours on every working day in the home territory.

‘Gold Support’ is 24/7 and includes our unique International Indemnity against expense related tax penalties.

All support calls are logged in the ExpenSys support database immediately on receipt, and a log number and ETA will be reported back to the customer as soon as the incident has been analysed.

ExpenSys support staff will be happy to talk directly to users by arrangement if it will help to resolve an issue speedily. Cost of support is based on the number of claims processed. Under the ExpenSys Monthly Payment option, support fees are paid monthly in arrears together with the licence fee.