Business Policy Compliance

Multiple Policy Support

Business policy may be configured in the system, and will be activated automatically at point of entry according to the status and business entity to which the user belongs. Users will be advised on-screen, at point of entry, clearly what the relevant policy is, and how it is applied.

Local Tax Rules

Local tax rules will be applied automatically at point of entry dependent on the domicile of the claimant and the location of the expenditure – virtually anywhere in the world.

Bribery Acts

Details to uniquely identify people and organisations in receipt of gifts or entertainment may be entered as free text or selected from lists maintained by either claimants or administrators. Reports may then be run to analyse amounts spent over any given date range in order to satisfy the requirements of current Bribery Act legislation.

Allowances & Per Diems

Individual allowances at fixed rates may be maintained for overnight stays or specific items of expenditure.

Per Diems are captured comprehensively, allowing for times of travel and deductions for meals in hotels. Forms are designed to accurately satisfy the requirements of jurisdictions where rates are a statutory requirement. Rates may be held in Local or Foreign Currencies.


ExpenSys is fully Sarbanes Oxley compliant. A sophisticated permissions system ensures that only authorised operatives may view claims or manipulate data. A full audit trail is maintained of all claims and users.