Case Study – R. Twining & Co Ltd.

R. TWININGS & Co LTD. (Food & Beverages Sector)

In 2006, Twinings initiated a project to address a number of issues that arose out of expense management. These included the time taken to process expense claims in general, and corporate card expenditure in particular. The company were also anxious to improve tax compliance and maximise VAT recovery. Manually entering expense data into MFG-PRO was also consuming resource without delivering the level of granular reporting required. Logo_Twinings

The company looked at a number of options before selecting ExpenSys in 2007. The implementation not only solved these issues but also made life easier for staff at all levels and was subsequently adopted in Twinings offices overseas. The level of service since that date has been consistent and the software has gone through a number of updates each of which has been seamless and trouble free.

ExpenSys is currently working with the technical team at Twinings to integrate with the new SAP ERP system.

STEVE LIMBURN (Chief Accountant)

“After extensive market research, Twinings selected and implemented ExpenSys. This was as a direct result of a requirement to improve reconciliation of Corporate Card expenditure, efficiently and effectively collect data for tax and management purposes, maximise VAT recovery and fully automate the GL coding and system input processes.

ExpenSys has been found to meet all of these objectives.”