Configurable Modules

Configurable Expense Management Software – ExpenSys

ExpenSys features several modules, each of which has been carefully designed to handle the real everyday problems of expense management. Each may be configured to operate in a number of ways.

Personal Cash or Card Expenses

Simple forms capture all the information you need for seamless accounting, policy control and tax compliance, without being onerous for the user.
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Corporate Card Reconciliation

A unique method which not only enables download of transactions from the supplier, but also enables the reconciliation of each claimant’s spend against a fixed transaction date, and offers an unavoidable incentive to do so. Take a closer look

Cash Advance Reconciliation

Records the details of cash advanced (in any currency) and enables the user to reconcile the money spent in forms similar to those used for personal cash.
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Business Mileage

Supports several methods for tracking and verifying business journeys, including multiple rates per mile, automated monitoring of thresholds, cash option and fuel contribution schemes.
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Trip Management

Request pre-approval for the trip, including currency required, and then capture the actual spend during or immediately after the trip.