Corporate Card Reconciliation

Manage Expenses – Corporate Card Reconciliation

Corporate Card Reconciliation

All Cards Supported

ExpenSys supports all major corporate cards including VISA, MasterCard and Amex. Multiple cards may be held by each user, and may include Purchase and Lodge cards as well as Currency Passports.

Corporate & Employee Settlement

ExpenSys will reconcile transactions appropriately whether the corporate card account is settled by the company or by the employee, or where the company settles business expenditure and leaves the employee to settle the balance. The system is designed to identify personal spend, refunds and returned currency.

Daily Upload or Monthly Statements

Transactions may be uploaded daily in the background, or via a monthly electronic statement. Outstanding transactions appear automatically when claimants start a new expense claim and will stay on the system until reconciled.

Full & Timely Reconciliation

ExpenSys has a unique method for ensuring that every corporate card transaction is reconciled within a set time frame. Chasing cardholders to complete corporate card reports will become a thing of the past.

ATM Withdrawals

If money is withdrawn from ATM machines there is often no record of how it was spent, and therefore it cannot be effectively approved, or coded. Consequently, a potential convenience for accounts staff and card holders is often prohibited due to the lack of control.

ExpenSys will identify all ATM withdrawals, and ensure that these amounts are reconciled against receipts in the same way as any other item.

All Tax & Business Rules Applied

Simply checking off the transactions is not enough.

All business and tax rules are applied to corporate card transactions at point of entry in exactly the same way as for any other expenditure. The result will be that for the first time your corporate card expenditure will be fully under control.

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