Expense Management

Expense Management Software – ExpenSys

More than just ‘Expense Capture’

Automating expense management means more than just making it easy to complete expense claims. It also means applying policy, tracking spend and maximising VAT recovery. ExpenSys makes sure this is achieved for any organisation, large or small, anywhere in the world.

The keyword is simplicity

ExpenSys keeps everything simple – from on-screen entry, through to approval, processing and payment. Calculation is automated and errors are dramatically reduced leading to lower overheads and rapid payback.

You will know what’s going on

For the first time you will know exactly how much expenditure is un-receipted, and why, and who authorised it. You will know which expenses were allocated to which project, or cost centre – or both. You will know who entertained who, what it cost and to which client it was allocated.

Business Policy

Users will be advised of your policy, and how it is applied, on-screen at the moment they are making their claim.

ExpenSys is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution

Whether you need to cap expenses in one business unit, but not in another, or apply different levels and types of allowances in different areas of the business, ExpenSys can handle it, no matter how large or small your enterprise.

We believe that this is the one expense management system that really does understand all your issues.

Configurable Options

We believe that ExpenSys is the most configurable offering available today. No matter how your system currently operates, our target is to enhance it – not necessarily change it. You may choose from a wide range of ‘out of the box’ options for custom menus, expense forms, messages, receipt capture and workflow processes. Everything is designed to fit your culture – not ours.

Approval Options

You may require single, conditional or sequential approval – or combinations of all three. You may want finance staff to audit claims and clear them for payment – or you may prefer to separate these tasks.

You may want certain types of expenses to go to specific approvers, e.g. Relocation or Medical expenses.

You may prefer claimants to select from a ‘pool’ of approvers, or route claims to specific approvers. Approvers may then also require an approval delegation facility, or perhaps you would prefer that this were controlled by HR only?

Claims may be forwarded to other managers for review and automatic reminders may be generated when claims become stuck in the workflow.

It might be that you need one or more of these options to be enabled for one part of the organisation, and something entirely different elsewhere. The ExpenSys hierarchical architecture will support this – out of the box.

Expense Allocations and Cross Charging

Your claimants may have default cost centres, or they may be required to re-charge expenses. The same may be true for project codes, client or service codes. You may wish to allocate an entire claim to a single code, or split a single item between several codes. The choice is yours.

Variations across the Enterprise

One part of your organisation may be able to recover VAT, wholly or partially, another may not recover VAT at all. Even across territories, business and tax rules will vary and ExpenSys will apply them correctly. No matter how you need ExpenSys to operate, once set up – it will provide the appropriate format for each individual user, wherever they are.
ExpenSys is designed is for organisations large and small.

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