Global Expense Management Software

Global Expense Management Software – ExpenSys

International Support in a Changing World

There may be some long standing expense management suppliers who have a greater international footprint than ExpenSys. However, we believe that none are better placed to support every aspect of the global enterprise.

Having agents or partners in many countries is no longer sufficient and support for multiple languages or currencies should be a standard feature. In todays world it is about fully automating even the most arcane rules from territory to territory so that international organisations can, for the first time, leverage software to centralise processes and decrease reliance on local knowledge.

Supporting the Shared Service Centre

ExpenSys is particularly effective for Shared Service Centres in national or international deployments. Local tax rules for all territories may be configured quickly and applied for the service centre ‘out of the box’. No additional programming or modification is required.

No matter how you need ExpenSys to operate, once set up, it will provide the appropriate format for each individual user, in whichever part of your organisation they are based, and wherever in the world they incur an expense.

Multiple Charts of Accounts

ExpenSys has a scalable architecture which can be configured to support multiple charts of account and multiple ERP systems within a single implementation – nationally or worldwide.

Unique Question & Answer Methodology

It is not necessary for either claimants or finance staff to allocate expenses to GL codes, directly or indirectly or to make adjustments for deductions against corporation tax.

Alternate accounts codes may be allocated automatically on the basis of secondary criteria such as companies, business units, projects or clients.

Neither is it necessary to enter or calculate legitimate VAT recovery, local or cross border, because the unique ExpenSys method will make the correct allocations every time on the basis of the information provided by the claimant at point of claim entry – no matter in which territory they reside, or in which jurisdiction the expense occurred.

Tax Compliance – Local & International

By complying with national tax legislation in every jurisdiction ExpenSys enables you to remain compliant whist saving time and yet still exploiting every possible reclaimable opportunity.

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