Management Information

Who, What, Where and Why?

ExpenSys makes it easy to get an accurate summary of your total T&E situation, giving you a source of factual, historical reports on spending, enabling you to make decisions across a wide range of issues.

Build Queries

Virtually all data captured by ExpenSys appears in a series of reports referenced by type (e.g. Claim Item, Account Code, Tax Status, Supplier etc.).

Each report may be queried by business unit, cost centre or project, client, claimant and date range. Starting with the headline information it is possible to drill down to the original claim item. Exceptions may be simply isolated for relevant reports.

Reports Download

All reports generated by ExpenSys may be downloaded, and either displayed in spreadsheets or imported into third party reporting tools. The entire database may also be available for download on demand as an SQL file.

Reports by Spend Type or Accounts Nominal Code

You will be able to create reports by account nominal code, or spend type.  Whether you want to know the total travel spend for your cost centre, or the total expenditure on air or rail fares across your entire enterprise, ExpenSys will provide it.

Special Reports

Retrieve details of all spend for business and staff entertainment (including validated names of attendees), liability for PIE (Personal Incidental Expenses), non-receipted expenditure and other potential employee tax related issues in all territories.

Vat Reports

ExpenSys will provide a break-out of all recoverable VAT, for any business unit or territory.

If you wish to recover VAT from overseas to the UK, ExpenSys will tell you how much is recoverable, and from which claims. For the first time you will be in a position to organise your own overseas VAT recovery. For example, if your organisation also operates in France, then ExpenSys will tell you what is recoverable in France, from France to the UK, and from the UK to France.

Improved analysis from validated reporting will result in management being able to make proper and effective use of information.

Business Journeys

It is possible to select and query reports based on individual business journeys, or amounts reimbursed.

Corporate Card Data

All Corporate card expenditure may be reported. Separate reports are maintained for un-reconciled transactions.

Carbon Reports

Reporting of the carbon footprint of travel, for the entire enterprise, or for a single journey, is available in a simple ‘out of the box’ report. The data may be holistic or categorised by method of transport (Vehicle, Train, Taxi, Air Fare etc.)

Reports may be queried and delivered in summary or by travel type for any date range. They may be queried for the organisation as a whole or for any business unit or individual.

Bespoke Reports on Demand

Although the range of reports available ‘out of the box’ in ExpenSys is extensive, some customers require specific reports related to their individual business processes. ExpenSys will be happy to create such reports which may then be downloaded by authorised users on demand according to entity and date range.


Reports are only as valid as the data captured; the more data is validated at the point of entry the more powerful the eventual reports will be.

The above reporting facilities will make validated information easily accessible to management and Finance team staff. This will aid negotiation with suppliers, improve decision making, increase efficiency and enhance tax compliance.