Saving Money with ExpenSys


Claimants and Approvers will SAVE TIME

Expense claims will be simple to complete. User need know nothing about business policy, expense types, account codes or tax rules beyond supplying information they readily understand. They will not be required to calculate anything at all

Everybody will know the whereabouts of every claim every step of the way, so there won’t be any unnecessary phone calls.

You will minimise PROCESSING and eliminate RE-KEYING

Because of the unique way that ExpenSys collects the data at point of entry, processing time may be reduced by as much as 70%. Accounts staff will be freed for more productive tasks.

For example, expense items that result in multiple nominal codes (e.g. hotels, subsistence, staff or business entertainment) will have been automatically and accurately allocated at the point of entry, without any requirement for further investigation or re-keying by accounts staff.

For the first time you will really MAXIMISE VAT RECOVERY

Recoverable VAT (local and cross-border), will be identified and automatically calculated at point of entry for every jurisdiction. Claimants will not need to assign, calculate, or even enter amounts for VAT except in exceptional circumstances.

You will minimise your EMPLOYEE TAX liability

ExpenSys is tax intelligent software that understands and applies tax compliance seamlessly and in the background. All the information to control mileage thresholds, company car rates, entertainment, PIE, PSA and P11D is collected without users needing to make decisions beyond recalling what they did and with whom. ExpenSys does the rest.

You will be in control of BUSINESS MILEAGE

Mileage rates will be centrally controlled and distances may be verified automatically via the mapping facility. Threshold rates (such as the HMRC recommended threshold for mileage over 10,000 miles in a tax year) will be automatically applied. Fuel Card statements may be uploaded and drivers are incentivised to make fuel contributions promptly.

For the first time, you really will be in control.

Who says so?

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