Travel & Expense Management

Total Cost of Travel

The fragmentation of travel products and services, a multitude of 3rd party suppliers and ongoing pressure on travel policies, has led to an on-going battle for travel managers to get visibility of what the total cost of a business trip actually includes.

With ATPI – one of the world’s leading travel management companies (TMC) – we have developed a strategic partnership to provide you with an end-to-end solution for this, which includes travel booking and management working hand in hand with the expenses process.

End to end Travel and Expense Management

We enable you to create one single view on all your travel and entertainment expenses, from the minute travel is booked until the moment your travellers return to the office. This not only includes air, hotel, car rental or rail, but also taxi rides, underground tickets, business mileage and parking, subsistence, business gifts or client entertainment and any other cost that may arise during the course of a business trip.

A clear and easy process guides your travellers in organising their travel, and by combining the travel costs with your expenses we will report the total cost of your business travel, whether that’s for the entire company, departments, projects or for individual travellers or trips.

About ATPI

ATPI is one of the world’s leading and long established global travel management companies, committed to delivering travel and event solutions that truly support their clients’ business performance, fitted with their culture and industry characteristics.

Offices in over 100 locations around the world procure, book and manage travel for clients in various sectors, backed by innovative technology, high-end personal service and access to the lowest fares and rates as well as best availability worldwide.

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