ExpenSys for Smaller Organisations


ExpenSys has been designed to serve any organisation, large or small

Because many well-known international companies use ExpenSys, you may think that it will be too sophisticated
and expensive for your organisation.These are some of the questions we are often asked:


Q. ‘How small is small?’

ExpenSys has customers who process as few as 50 expense claims per month and others who process thousands.

Q. ‘We are a small company; we can’t pay big company prices’

And neither should you. The cost of ExpenSys is based on how many claims are processed. It may be paid for on a monthly or annual basis, or via a long term renewable contract. If we can’t deliver value for you, we will tell you so honestly.

Q. ‘What functionality is NOT available to a smaller organisation’?

None. There is only one product and everything in it is available to everyone.

Q. ‘Our requirements are not that sophisticated; we don’t want to pay for things we don’t need’

We understand. Because ExpenSys is so configurable, it may be scaled for any type or size of organisation. And as your company grows and requires more options, ExpenSys can be re-configured to grow with you.

Q. ‘Can we expect to pay set-up or implementation costs? What about integration with our back-end system?’

If you have one set of business rules, with a single chart of accounts, the cost of implementation will be surprisingly low. Claim data may be exported with a single click on your desktop, or via a schedule in the background. The data may be imported into virtually any back-end system.

Q. ‘We don’t have the IT resource to manage a big application’

You won’t have to. Software as a Service (SaaS) means that we host the application for you on our dedicated servers. The software runs in all major Web Browsers, so there is nothing to install or maintain.