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Beginning an RFP Process?

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Make life easier for your staff

ExpenSys is extremely intuitive, requiring no training whatsoever for end users. Interacting with the claimant, the program asks clear and simple ‘yes/no’ questions to guide the user, which makes entry clear and simple.

Make business policy clear and easy to apply

Your business policy is clearly displayed for every expense. Caps and thresholds are automatically applied, with exceptions highlighted.

Effective data capture saves money

Reduce the cost of making, approving and processing expense claims.

Automating expense management means more than just making it easy to complete expense claims. By automatically applying tax rules and business policy, anywhere in the world, the workload for your finance teams can be significantly reduced.

Effective data capture saves money

All types of organisation catered for

Highly Scalable

From SME’s to Global Organisations, our configurable approach combined with international tax intelligence makes ExpenSys a truly scalable solution. We can apply multiple policies and approval workflows across multiple business entities. Acquisitions, mergers or sudden growth, whatever happens, whenever it happens, you will have it covered.


ExpenSys is a Private Cloud solution hosted at a business class data centre in the United Kingdom. With an 'A' rating for security and 99.9% guaranteed uptime you can be assured that your expense management system will be able to support your staff wherever in the world they might be.

Quickly Implemented - Easily Integrated

ExpenSys integrates with virtually all ERP and payroll systems. A wide range of integration options and formats are supported. With a scalable architecture, it can be configured to support multiple charts of account and multiple ERP systems within a single implementation – nationally or worldwide.

Tax Compliance Assured

Tax Compliance Assured

All tax rules are automatically and effectively applied both domestically and in each territory in which your organisation operates.

We understand that to comply with Tax & VAT rules, business policy and the various anti-bribery acts, it is key that claimants provide accurate information. ExpenSys captures the relevant information in a way that is both intuitive for users and compliant for your business.

Control for the Travelling Workforce

Corporate Cards

For the travellers in your company, ExpenSys supports all major Corporate Cards including VISA, MasterCard and Amex. Multiple cards may be held by each user, whether personally or corporately settled, and may include Purchase and Lodge cards as well as Currency Passports.


Expenses may be captured and approved on mobile devices. Receipts may be photographed and attached automatically to your claim. At the click of a button, the ExpenSys Smartphone app can also record the start and end of a business journey, and then populate your mileage log automatically.

Fuel and Mileage

Personal or Company Cars, Hire or Pool Cars, Fuel Cards, Fuel Contributions, Car Allowances - every possible business mileage scenario is supported. Automated mileage threshold tracking, distance verification and integrated e-mapping may all be deployed.

Granular Reporting Included

Granular information for insightful reporting

ExpenSys makes it easy to get an accurate summary of your total expense situation in real time. This will give you a source of factual, historical information on spending, enabling you to make decisions across a wide range of issues.

No extra cost

We take the view that reports are essential to give you full visibility of expenditure and the ability to track compliance, therefore we include the entire reporting functionality as standard and at no extra cost.

Granular Reporting Included


The people who know us best are our customers. Provided they are happy to take a call from you; we will be happy to introduce you to any customer, anywhere in the world, especially those with a similar demographic or in the same market sector.

Customer comments are displayed below.

ExpenSys has allowed us to effectively automate expense processing throughout our Iberian operations. It has helped us to gain control and reporting gives our management visibility of spend. ExpenSys enables us to make better informed decisions on preferred vendors, and more.

Cristina Antal Accounts Payable Manager, DS Smith, Iberia

The adoption of ExpenSys has improved our control of expenses. The tax department are happy with a product that successfully deals with the complexities of the UK Tax, N.I. and VAT systems. We looked at a number of other systems but none could deal with the UK tax systems as well as ExpenSys. This has saved us substantial time and money.

Shelly Ribbons Share Plan Manager and Tax Consultant, Henderson Global Investors

ExpenSys is popular in our user communities due to the ease of use and the speed of throughput from initial entry to payment; It is popular in our expense management Finance communities due to the significant reduction in workload around coding and controlling complex tax issues; It is popular in our IT communities due to the speed of support and thoroughness of development. All of this has been achieved across multiple territories in a controlled manner with no major issues and we would recommend it to anyone.

Mark Oakley Financial Applications Manager, Universal Music Group

After extensive market research, Twinings selected and implemented ExpenSys. This was as a direct result of a requirement to improve reconciliation of corporate card expenditure, efficiently and effectively collect data for tax and expense management purposes, maximise VAT recovery and fully automate the GL coding and system input processes. ExpenSys has been found to meet all of these objectives.

Steve Limburn Chief Accountant, R. Twinings & Co Ltd
Youngs Seafood
Janus Henderson
DS Smith
Premier Foods
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