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ExpenSys is deployed all over the world

Easy to use - anywhere in the world

ExpenSys is easy to use wherever your people travel to, and no matter which country they are based in.

We understand that for expense management to cater for an international workforce, we need to offer more than just multiple currencies, languages and tax rules. Currency and date formats need to be interchangeable across continents, and even the most global business policy will be subject to variations in most territories.

Easy to use - anywhere in the world

International Policy & Approval

ExpenSys can deploy multiple policies and a variety of approval workflows across business entities. Different rules may be applied for different people according to business need, local culture or common practice.

The policy applicable to the claimant may be displayed on-screen, at the moment they are making the claim, and in their own language.

Cross Border Workflow

An expense claim may be submitted in one language, with local date and currency formats, and reviewed by an approver in another country. The claim will appear in the approver’s preferred language, and with the date and currency formats appropriate to their locale.

Global Tax Intelligence

Global Tax Rules Applied and Maintained
Using the unique ExpenSys ‘Question and Answer’ methodology, all tax rules are automatically and effectively applied both domestically and in each territory in which your organisation operates.

Maximise VAT Recovery
One part of your organisation may be able to recover VAT, wholly or partially, another may not recover VAT at all. ExpenSys enables you to remain compliant whilst exploiting all possible reclaim opportunities.

Global Tax Intelligence
Control of Exchange Rates

Control of Exchange Rates

Under Control

ExpenSys gives you flexibility of exchange rate sources and keeps the entire history. This means that claims can be entered in the currency used on the day, with the correct rate applied for that date. Now you can have peace of mind using multiple currencies, knowing that when you complete your expense claim, it will always be correctly reconciled to your home currency.

Your Choice

For live rates, either use our default supplier or nominate a source of your choice. Alternatively, you can choose to set rates manually for a given period or even let the user enter the details from their personal card statement; ExpenSys will then calculate the rate. A threshold may be set to indicate when a manually entered rate is at variance with the expected rate on the date of purchase.

If you are unsure of the best approach, we will be happy to advise you.

Travel Management

Total Cost of Travel

The fragmentation of travel products and services, a multitude of 3rd party suppliers and ongoing pressure on travel policies, has led to an on-going battle for travel managers to get visibility of what the total cost of a business trip actually includes.

With ATPI – one of the world’s leading travel management companies (TMC) – we have developed a strategic partnership to provide you with an end-to-end solution, which includes travel booking and management working hand in hand with the expenses process.

Travel Management
Travel and Expense Management

Travel and Expense Management

End to end Travel and Expense Management

We enable you to create one single view on all your travel and entertainment expenses, from the minute travel is booked until the moment your travellers return to the office. This not only includes air, hotel, car rental or rail, but also taxi rides, underground tickets, business mileage and parking, subsistence, business gifts or client entertainment and any other cost that may arise during the course of a business trip.

By combining the travel costs with your expenses we will report the total cost of your business travel, globally, by department, or project or for individual travellers or trips.

About ATPI

About ATPI

ATPI is one of the world’s leading and long established global travel management companies, committed to delivering travel and event solutions that truly support their clients’ business performance, fitted with their culture and industry characteristics.

Offices in over 100 locations around the world procure, book and manage travel for clients in various sectors, backed by innovative technology, high-end personal service and access to the lowest fares and rates as well as best availability worldwide.

For more information about ATPI please go to

About ATPI


The people who know us best are our customers. Provided they are happy to take a call from you; we will be happy to introduce you to any customer, anywhere in the world, especially those with a similar demographic or in the same market sector.

Customer comments are displayed below.

The adoption of ExpenSys has improved our control of expenses. The tax department are happy with a product that successfully deals with the complexities of the UK Tax, N.I. and VAT systems. We looked at a number of other systems but none could deal with the UK tax systems as well as ExpenSys. This has saved us substantial time and money.

Shelly Ribbons Share Plan Manager and Tax Consultant, Henderson Global Investors

Lovely, very clever people at ExpenSys who are always on hand to help with requests and always listen to what we require and tailor the system to meet our needs.

Rose Hayward Senior Accounts Analyst, Investec Wealth & Investment

Our goals in selecting ExpenSys were to facilitate submission of claims by staff and to enhance our VAT, NI and tax analysis.  Staff find the system easy to use, our Finance team spend a lot less time processing expenses and expense reporting accuracy has improved. ExpenSys are easy to work with and responsive to our requests. We feel it was an excellent choice.

Nick Burroughs Finance Manager, Mundipharma International Limited

After extensive market research, Twinings selected and implemented ExpenSys. This was as a direct result of a requirement to improve reconciliation of corporate card expenditure, efficiently and effectively collect data for tax and expense management purposes, maximise VAT recovery and fully automate the GL coding and system input processes. ExpenSys has been found to meet all of these objectives.

Steve Limburn Chief Accountant, R. Twinings & Co Ltd

ExpenSys is popular in our user communities due to the ease of use and the speed of throughput from initial entry to payment; It is popular in our expense management Finance communities due to the significant reduction in workload around coding and controlling complex tax issues; It is popular in our IT communities due to the speed of support and thoroughness of development. All of this has been achieved across multiple territories in a controlled manner with no major issues and we would recommend it to anyone.

Mark Oakley Financial Applications Manager, Universal Music Group
Youngs Seafood
Janus Henderson
DS Smith
Premier Foods
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