Will ExpenSys integrate with my ERP?

Yes. ExpenSys integrates with virtually all third-party systems – Financial, HR and Payroll.

Is ExpenSys fully international?

Yes. ExpenSys supports all international date and currency formats, a wide range of languages, and local tax rules worldwide. International exchange rates are uploaded every day.

Does ExpenSys reconcile Corporate Card transactions?

Yes. ExpenSys is a registered endpoint for Visa, MasterCard and Amex. There is support for daily transactions or monthly statements.

Can ExpenSys manage cash advances?

Yes. There is a currency advance module which reconciles local or international currency.

Does ExpenSys support Per Diems?

Yes. Per Diems, statutory or otherwise, are captured according to date and time. Current rates and thresholds may be maintained in the interface or uploaded.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes. Details of expenses may be captured via OCR and approved via the Smartphone App. Additionally, using GPS, all the details of a business journey may be automatically captured using a simple ‘start’ and ‘finish’ function.

Can receipts be captured electronically?

Yes. Receipts may be captured on mobile devices either using OCR, or as an image only. They may also be scanned centrally or via the desktop.

Will ExpenSys automatically calculate my VAT recovery?

Yes. It will maximise your VAT recovery in any territory whilst keeping you compliant with local tax rules and guidelines. OCR will also capture VAT Registration numbers to automate submission via SAF-T.

How much training will be needed??

Claimants and approvers will need no training at all. Training for accounts staff and administrators will be provided free of charge during implementation.

Does ExpenSys have a reporting suite?

Yes. A comprehensive reporting suite is provided at no extra cost and enables you to query every item by type, date range, entity and individual. The reports cover compliance, tax, mileage, policy exceptions and more, and may be downloaded on demand.

Finally, for travel managers, all trip related expenditure, however it is incurred, is then consolidated for review in ATPI Analytics.

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