ExpenSys corporate expense management solutions are packed with all the functionality you would expect to find in a first-class expense management system.

All types of expenses – Out of Pocket, Corporate Card, Cash Advances and Travel may be captured and approved on a range of devices, in the office or on the road, with laptops, tablets and smartphones.

All types of Entertainment, gifts and other forms of hospitality are more comprehensively handled than ever before, with all tax rules applied automatically in every jurisdiction – worldwide.

Comprehensive options are available for capturing business mileage in company cars, privately owned cars or for those with a car allowance. Distances are verified via a mapping facility or via GPS using the Smartphone App. Fuel cards are also supported – including private mileage contributions.


Make life easier for your staff

No more paper forms or complicated spread sheets. Enable your employees to submit claims quickly and easily, with your expense policy visible clearly on the page.

Save Money

Not only do claimants save time making claims, approval is faster and processing time is cut dramatically with re-keying completely eliminated.

Be tax compliant

Tax rules and VAT guidelines are applied automatically for every local jurisdiction - worldwide. Central service centres can process claims without reliance on local knowledge.

Gain control over all expenses

The ExpenSys reporting suite is provided at no extra cost and enables you to query every item by type, date range, entity and individual. The reports cover compliance, tax, mileage, policy exceptions and more, giving you complete control.


Capture expenses on the move with Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones

Capture receipts on the move and associate them immediately with an expense

Capture the distance of your business journey on your smart phone with two clicks – one to start, and one to finish

Approve your team’s expenses away from the office



With ATPI – one of the world’s leading travel management companies (TMC) – we have developed a strategic partnership to provide you with an end-to-end solution, which includes travel booking and management working hand in hand with the expenses process.

We enable you to create one single view on all your travel and entertainment expenses, from the minute travel is booked until the moment your travellers return to the office.

For more information about ATPI please go to www.atpi.com


For an expense management system to cater for a global workforce, it needs to offer more than just languages, currencies and exchange rates. Currency and date formats vary and local tax rules need to be applied. Culture is also a factor; even the most global business policy will be subject to variation. We take care to understand, and deliver, the local requirement in every territory.

Using the unique ExpenSys ‘Question and Answer’ methodology, tax rules are automatically and effectively applied both domestically and in each territory in which you operate. Your claimants will be advised about expense policy, and how it is applied, on-screen at the moment they are making the claim, and in their own language.



The people who know us best are our customers. Provided they are happy to take a call from you; we will be happy to introduce you to any customer, anywhere in the world, especially those with a similar demographic or in the same market sector.

Customer comments are displayed below.

The adoption of ExpenSys has improved our control of expenses. The tax department are happy with a product that successfully deals with the complexities of the UK Tax, N.I. and VAT systems. We looked at a number of other systems but none could deal with the UK tax systems as well as ExpenSys. This has saved us substantial time and money.

Shelly Ribbons Share Plan Manager and Tax Consultant, Henderson Global Investors

Lovely, very clever people at ExpenSys who are always on hand to help with requests and always listen to what we require and tailor the system to meet our needs.

Rose Hayward Senior Accounts Analyst, Investec Wealth & Investment

The advantage of ExpenSys over other on-line systems is the tax intelligence built in, along with the ease of use and the seamless interface with our SAP ledger. The scanning facility means we work with a completely paperless audit trail. All data and information is captured at source so we no longer have delays and queries and most importantly we never have to correct the submissions. We have been able to reduce our costs as well as increase our efficiency and accuracy and keep the tax man happy. Claimants also benefit from the ability to save claims as they go and have their history on line, while very little training, if any, is required as the system is very intuitive and takes the claimant through each stage of each claim. I would not hesitate to recommend ExpenSys to anyone and have found no other product to be in the same league as this one.

Liz Law Finance Manager , Kubota (UK) Ltd

After extensive market research, Twinings selected and implemented ExpenSys. This was as a direct result of a requirement to improve reconciliation of corporate card expenditure, efficiently and effectively collect data for tax and expense management purposes, maximise VAT recovery and fully automate the GL coding and system input processes. ExpenSys has been found to meet all of these objectives.

Steve Limburn Chief Accountant, R. Twinings & Co Ltd

ExpenSys is popular in our user communities due to the ease of use and the speed of throughput from initial entry to payment; It is popular in our expense management Finance communities due to the significant reduction in workload around coding and controlling complex tax issues; It is popular in our IT communities due to the speed of support and thoroughness of development. All of this has been achieved across multiple territories in a controlled manner with no major issues and we would recommend it to anyone.

Mark Oakley Financial Applications Manager, Universal Music Group
Youngs Seafood
Janus Henderson
DS Smith
Premier Foods
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