ExpenSys delivers a premier service, but not at a premium price.

The cost of ExpenSys is directly related to the number of transactions you process, irrespective of the number of users, so it is easy to assess the value of ExpenSys to your organisation no matter how large or small.

The ExpenSys License Agreement is very straightforward and there are no ‘hidden extras’.

It is our preference to agree a fixed cost for everything to the fullest extent possible so that there are no ‘unexpected’ costs on either side, now or in the future.

We currently make the following charges:

1. Implementation Fee

We charge a one-off fixed fee in respect of implementation. This includes consultancy, configuration of the application and training for administrators and finance staff. The level of this fee will necessarily vary from customer to customer depending on the complexity of the requirement and the demographic. For a small company, with a single entity, and a single chart of accounts in a single jurisdiction it will be surprisingly low. For a multinational company with multiple charts of account and multiple ERP systems it could be significant.

2. Integration Fee (Outbound Data)

If the customer is able to accept our standard Export Schema and map to it externally then there will be no charge at all. Otherwise we will create a customised file for import into any ERP system in the customer’s preferred format. There is a flat fee for providing this file.

3. Integration Fee (Inbound Data)

We are happy to provide inbound integration; either flat files via secure FTP on a schedule, via Web Service or manually triggered. However, for larger organisations there are so many variables involved that it is difficult to predict what the cost will be until we have a thorough understanding of the requirement. We are happy to operate on a fixed fee basis provided the requirement is fully understood.

4. Hosting Fee

ExpenSys will host the application on its secure servers at a first class data centre. There will be an annual charge in respect of such hosting and services related thereto including backups, server maintenance, database licences etc.

5. Charge per Transaction

This covers both License and Support. Payment is normally made monthly in arrears based on the number of transactions processed. However, various payment options are possible including ‘per licensed user’ or fixed costs within agreed thresholds.


There are simply too many variables from company to company to give an accurate idea of the cost reduction and savings you can expect with any T & E software.

Therefore we offer a free on-site, or on-line, consultation. When we understand your current processes we will be happy to give you a frank and clear indication of the return on investment that you may expect.

In any event, ExpenSys may be expected to pay for itself within a few months at most, and then go on to save you a significant amount of money year on year thereafter.

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