ExpenSys & The Workflow

Expense Management Software – The Workflow

Approval Options

You may require single, conditional or sequential approval – or combinations of all three. You may need approval to be via Line Manager, Cost Centre or Project Manager.

You may want finance staff to audit claims and clear them for payment – or you may prefer to separate these tasks.

‘Special’ Approval

You may want certain types of expenses to go to specific approvers, e.g. in respect of relocation or medical expenses.

Pool Approval or Approver Delegation

You may prefer claimants to select from a ‘pool’ of approvers, or route claims to specific approvers. Approvers may then also require an approval delegation facility, or perhaps you would prefer that this were controlled by HR only? ExpenSys will support both.

Variations across the Enterprise

It might be that you need one or more of these options to be enabled for one part of the organisation, and something entirely different elsewhere. The ExpenSys hierarchical architecture will support this – out of the box.

Reviews and Reminders

Claims may be forwarded to other managers for review and automatic reminders may be generated when claims become stuck in the workflow.