Expense software, a good idea for your industry?

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Jason Pullen, Support and Operations Lead at ExpenSys, talks to us about what it is that makes expense management software truly cross-sector.  

What do you think it is that makes ExpenSys a truly cross-sector product?

It’s quite simple really, unlike most expense systems, ExpenSys is incredibly flexible, and that is key.  We’ve worked with clients in various sectors to identify the spending habits of their employees and as a result, we provide options that fit their actual needs.

This sort of flexibility just isn’t available with most other systems, as a result, we continue to meet unusual, and often demanding challenges that others cannot.

How is this different from other systems?

Most systems expect the user to select from a standard list of Expense Types, and these usually have more in common with account code descriptions than items people actually buy. Nobody goes into a shop and asks for ‘Staff Welfare’!

We present a list of items that people recognise, and then we ask simple questions designed to make sure we can accurately post the expense.

Can you give us some examples?

Sure, clients in the charity sector or support services need to offer an expense platform to volunteers who have no designated line manager, cost centre or policy. So we enable that.

Food companies often have staff buying ‘competitor samples’ and so there is a need to separate business items from personal items when shopping.

And for construction companies, purchase of protective equipment and clothing, an essential work requirement, is often needed at short notice – and some items can be very specific.

In all these cases, and many more, we have worked with clients to identify their core challenges and then configured the software to match their needs, offering accuracy and efficiency beyond the scope of other products.

If you’d like to learn more about making your expense process easy, compliant and stress-free, please get in touch info@ExpenSys.com or fill out our contact form.

Expense software, a good idea for your industry? – ExpenSyst

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